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ELFAMEDIA ALL D-SFM is a Defined Serum-Free Medium, for Stem Cells, Primary and Cell Lines. Fully supplemented and Ready-to-use.

Defined medium.
Provides Consistent conditions.
Adaptation of cells to serum-free NOT required.
Improves cell survival.
Frequent media changes NOT required.
Plate coating NOT required.
Undetectable lot-to-lot variability.
Maintains cell morphology.

Supplement used in ELFAMEDIA ALL D-SFM

  • Protein vital to cell survival and adaptation to in vitro environment.
  • Contributes to the proliferation that frequently occurs during the initial cell culture period.

  • Naturally expressed inconsistently and in low quantities during cell culture process and variability of this protein levels significantly contributes to the inconsistencies found in primary cell culture.

  • When maintained at constant levels leads to the purification and amplification of mammalian cells.

  • Promote proliferation even at reduced or absent growth factors in some cell types.

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