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Company Overview

Elfamed Inc. is a regenerative medicine and biotechnology company developing defined cell culture conditions for primary cells and cell lines using its Proprietary and Patent Pending Regenerative Technology.


ELFAMEDIA ALL, is a fully formulated D-SFM ready to use media that contain ELFAMATRIX, a stable and SOLUBLE EXTRACELLULAR MATRIX which freely bind to cells helping them to attach to each other and to any biocompatible material.

ELFAMATRIX is a proprietary soluble and stable extracellular matrix produced, isolated and purified from the media of a proprietary cell line cultured in APFM (Animal Protein Free Media).

THE CONCEPT. The media should provide everything the cells need to position and organize themselves naturally as they do for example, during wound healing.

Through understanding of cell nutrition, cell development and cellular interactions with the microenvironment, Elfamed have developed ELFAMEDIA ALL D-SFM a defined serum-free system that potentiates the growth of mammalian cells in a highly efficient manner, greater than any serum-free systems currently out on the market, as well as traditional serum-containing systems.

Elfamed technology is based on a normal naturally bioactivated protein. This protein is vital to cell survival, cell growth and adaptation to the in-vitro environment.

However, it is expressed inconsistently and in low quantities during cell culture process and variability of this protein levels significantly contributes to the inconsistencies found in cell culture.

When maintained at constant levels leads to the purification and amplification of mammalian cells. In some cell lines, this protein promotes cell proliferation even in the absent of growth factors or other proteins.

In research applications, ELFAMEDIA ALL D-SFM offers the well-known key benefits of serum-free media in the form of increased quality and consistency of cell based assays.

The technology has broad applicability across a wide range of cell types with applications in:

  • Serum free media
  • Cellular therapy
  • Vaccine production
  • Biologicals production
  • HTS (High-throughput screening).
  • R&D utilizing primary cells and cell lines

Company Background

Elfamed, Inc. was founded in 2004 to development Defined SF Cell Culture Systems.